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How to Maximise Your Car’s Resale Value

We all know that the value of a new car drops as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. There are however, things that you can do to maximise the sales price of your car when it comes time to sell or trade it in on a new model.

The more money you can achieve for your current car, if you are selling it, the more money you have to spend on your new car. On the other hand, if you are trading it in for a better model, the greater the trade-in price, the more you save on your new car.

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Low-E window film ticks all the boxes

With more and more Aussies becoming environmentally aware, it’s no wonder that low emission or low-E film has become popular among both home and business owners. Low-E film is a micro thin transparent film with a metal coating that is applied to the inside of single glazed windows and doors, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool the building.

The spiralling costs of power across Australia makes low-E film a great option all on its own, but for Aussies who care about the environment, it is a win-win situation. Continue reading

How to ensure your car tint is legal

One of the most popular after-sales auto upgrades are window tints, because they reduce the effects of UV light on a vehicle’s interior furnishings, keep the interior cool and provide privacy.

The problem is that there are legal limits to the VLT of an auto tint (the amount of visible light that is transmitted through a vehicle’s window tint). Too dark a tint or too low a VLT reduces the driver’s vision, which is why there are legal minimums for these tints. Continue reading

Should window tinting be left to the experts?

How often have you seen a car with window tinting that has gone wrong? It’s all bubbly, rolled up, peeling and looks terrible. This is often an occurrence when people try and install the film themselves, instead of opting for a professional.

The problem is that DIY is becoming more and more popular in Australia (just look at all the reality shows on TV), resulting in an army of Aussies renovating their homes. Stores like Bunnings make it all appear very easy, even putting on free DIY classes to help homeowners renovate or makeover their homes.

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Why Tinted Windows Add Value to Your Home

Most Aussies understand that tinting the windows of their vehicle cuts down on the heat inside the car, protects the interior from fading and also gives them a certain amount of privacy. Not many of us however, consider tinting the windows of our home. But the same rational applies to buildings as it does to cars. In fact, you can significantly increase the value of your home if you tint the windows, so it’s a win-win situation!

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5 Benefits of Tinting Your Office Windows

If you cast your mind back a few years, tinted office windows were more of a statement than a necessity. It was only the bigger companies with unlimited budgets who wanted to impress the public that could afford tinted windows, and anyway, why bother because it was only a fashion statement?

Times have changed and we now realise the benefits of tinted windows in the workplace and luckily with the increase in their popularity, the prices have dropped accordingly. Tinting your office windows no longer has to break the bank, so let’s look at 5 reasons why you should add tinted windows to your office. Continue reading

Maintaining Your Tinted Windows

When you have invested good money in tinted windows for your home, office building or prized car, you want it to look as good as new for as long as possible. That being said, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is to use the wrong cleaning products, which can actually scratch the tinted surfaces and reduce their effectiveness.

Even if you have scratch proof window tints, you still need to be careful that you don’t use abrasive cleaning products, because over time, these products can harm the tinted surfaces. Scratched and peeling tinted windows are everyone’s worst nightmare, but if you follow the steps outlined below, you should have no problems at all. Continue reading