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At All About Window Tinting, we take pride in our work and great care of you, our precious customers. We provide extensive services covering all aspects of window tinting in Melbourne.

The seasons in our great city vary greatly from freezing cold in Winter to days sometimes over 40 degrees in Summer. And heat like that affects all homes in Melbourne! Rather than paying a bag full of money for oversized fans and air conditioners, why not use an energy-free system which is as simple as Window Tinting?

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Car, Home & Office Window Tinting and Anti-Vandal Film

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We were first introduced to Andrew and the team at All About Window Tinting when researching Energy Efficiency Solutions and heat reduction for our venue in Reservoir. There were many options available to us, however Solar Control Window Film had factual data via Hanita Coatings and offered a number benefits to our patrons such as glare reduction and glass security but more importantly, no interruption to our trading hours.

We are delighted with the results and have successfully installed into five of our outlets.  Not only are our patrons more comfortable but thanks to the installation of the Solar Control Window Film and some other energy efficiency solutions we now estimate savings of 28%  per quarter.


Film:  Optitune 40

Area: 100 squares metres


Film: Optitune 30

Area: 30 square metres


Film: Optitune 30

Area: 70 square metres


Film: Optitune 30

Area: 90 square metres

Jackie Booth
Chief Operating Officer – Zagame Corporation